Ride History


In 2001, a small group of elite riders from Team Psycho made the inaugural B2B ride after Harpoon purchased a second brewery in Windsor, VT.  A SAG wagon, armed with water, tires, tubes, and some tools, was the only support.  Upon arriving in Windsor, a keg (well, maybe more than just one keg) was rolled out from the brewery for the post ride celebration.  Since that time, the field of cyclists has grown, the course has been lengthened, and the vertical increased.  The spirit, however, has remained the same: a tough, bare bones ride with the reward of a great party at the finish.

This year, as we embark upon the 14th edition of the B2B, we have a new name (B2VT) but the original founders of the B2B are still operating the ride. We will continue to preserve the spirit of the ride and much of the same course (including those brutal climbs!), There is a new starting area (Historic Battlefield region of Lexington, Concord and Bedford, MA) and final destination (Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, VT) but we expect the 2014 edition of the B2VT to be the most challenging ever! We even added a nasty 2 mile long climb at the finish just to make the ride more epic!  See the 2014 coursemap here.

The B2VT Ride, though epic, is not for everyone.  It is one of the most challenging bike rides in New England and if you sign up, you are expected to finish within the allotted time frame.  We do not offer sag wagon service to the finish, you must finish on your own except under extreme circumstances (medical emergency). If you do not think you can complete the entire ride, you should not sign up!


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