Course map, Cue sheets and GPX files

The 2015 Course may change slightly due to feedback from 2014 riders. The information below is for the 2014 ride. There wont be any dramatic changes in 2015. the 2015 course will be announced in January.

Ride starts in Bedford, MA- Spire Corporation 40 Wiggins Avenue, Bedford, MA
There will be ample on-site parking available- see the 2014 Athlete Guide for more information.
Ride ends at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, VT (time to party!)

132 Miles, 8,475 Feet of climbing including three Category 3 climbs:

  • “The Primer” – an irritating little six mile 4% grade climb at mile 30.
  • “The Leviathan” – a long and arduous 5 mile- category 3 climb at mile 75
  • “Bartonsville” - Classic New England section, starts with a cruise through the Bartonsville covered bridge and then starts a climb up a single lane old road, through the Vermont Village of Bartonsville and through the area woods. Climb is 4 miles in length with a 1 mile section on unpaved hard pack. Epic!
  • “The Homestretch” – not really a single climb but more like having a stone in your shoe… it starts at mile 110 and then continues with 20 miles of annoying uphill until you get to Ludlow, VT
  • “Big Daddy’s Revenge” – a nasty .75 mile- 8% grade climb (with portions at 16%) at the finish!

Course is marked clearly with these directional signs on trees and telephone poles plus chalk arrows on the street:

road arrow

Download the 2014 Ride Cue sheet: PDF format or Excel format so you can manipulate it to the size you want.

Go to the Ride with GPS site for detailed course map. You can also generate a GPX or other files types directly from this site.

2014 course map

2014 ele_profile

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