Rest/Food Stops


There are three full rest stops scheduled on course, and plenty of convenience stores along the route in case of emergency needs. *Keep track of your nutrition on the route to plan how far you have to ride until the next stop. Plan ahead and DO stop at a convenience store if you have to!

The rest stops are planned as follows but subject to change prior to the ride:

Mile 40 (location TBD) Rest Stop #1: Staffed by Boston Triathlon Team, has water, sports drink, bars, bananas, oranges

Mile 53: Mobil Station and Mr. Mike’s convenience store (Fitzwilliam, NH) While not a staffed B2VT stop, this convenience store is a popular stop for B2B riders to purchase drinks and snacks. Port-o-pots have been placed on site and the staff there are ready & waiting for you!

Mile 81 (Chesterfield Town Hall and Library – 524 New Hampshire 63 Chesterfield, NH 03443) Rest Stop #2: Staffed by Team Forza G, has water, soda, sports drink, gels, bars, bananas, pretzels, peanuts, pickles, bananas, cookies

Mile 104 (Sonnax Corporation 1 Automatic Drive · Bellows Falls, VT 05101): Rest Stop #3: Staffed by Team Forza G, will have water, soda, sports drink, gels, bars, bananas, potato chips, peanuts, pickles, bananas, cookies

Mavic and Cycle Loft will be on hand at the rest stops as well and can help with any mechanical issues you may be having.



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