The B2VT Iron Distance Ride

Back again in 2019!

Riders looking for less mileage have the option of the B2VT Iron Distance – a 113 mile ride.  Riders will be bused to Rest Stop #1 in Ashby, MA and will ride to the finish at Okemo from there.


Please follow these details explicitly:

  1. You must pick up your packet either on Friday in Burlington, MA (see above details) OR pick up your packet before 6:00 am at the Start Venue in Bedford, MA (see instructions above) the day of the ride. There is NO packet pick up at the first rest stop in Ashby, MA.
  2. All Iron Distance Riders must report to Bedford, MA start Venue the morning of the ride- Saturday June 8th. We will transport you and your bike from Bedford to the first rest stop in Ashby, MA.
  3. You will drop your bag of clean clothes at the moving truck going directly to Okemo just like all of the 149 mile riders – do not bring any extra gear with you to Ashby. The school buses are not going up to Okemo.
  4. Then hand your bike to the Truck driver (different truck than the bag truck) that will be parked next to the school buses that will transport you to Ashby.
  5. We are utilizing yellow school buses to transport you to Ashby. You should be fully dressed in all your bike gear (helmet/shoes, etc.) Do not bring anything to Ashby that you don’t plan to ride with. There is no means to take shoes/flipflops, sweat shirts, etc. up to Okemo. Dress as though you are stepping off the bus and onto your bike and then rolling out because that is essentially what you are going to do.
  6. The buses will depart Bedford at 6:15 am sharp. No exceptions. If you miss the buses, you are riding the full 149! We advise that you arrive in Bedford no later than 5:30 am to get everything organized.
  7. It is about a 1-hour bus ride to Ashby. Once in Ashby, we will unload your bikes. You can then grab a bite to eat at the rest stop and use the porta-potty if needed. The full 149 riders will start to arrive at the rest stop at about 7:30. You will MERGE into and with the riders who started in Bedford, MA. If you have friends doing the whole 149, you can wait for them and merge in with them as they depart.
  8. VERY IMPORTANT: All riders must cross over the timing mat at the rest stop so that we can establish your presence on the road.
  9. If you are returning from Okemo by bus on Saturday night or Sunday morning. The buses will bring you back to Bedford (your bike will be transported separately via truck). The returning buses and trucks will not stop in Ashby so do not drive to Ashby in your own vehicle – UNLESS you have a way of getting to Ashby from Okemo BEFORE Sunday at 12:00 pm.
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