King of the Mountain Challenge

Welcome to the 2018  “King of the Mountain (KOM) Challenge

The KOM includes ONE climb:

  • “The Leviathan”– a long and arduous 5 mile- category 3 climb at mile 75

All riders will a disposable timing chip (affixed to the bike frame number) which will be provided to you at the start venue.  The start and finish lines of each of the KOM challenge will be clearly marked.

Results of the KOM Challenge will be posted immediately at the finish venue.  Awards will be handed out for the fastest time according to gender and by three age groups (39 & Under, 40 – 54, and 55 & Over)

We will use timing chips for two reasons. First, for safety, as we will know when and if every rider crosses the start and timing lines along the course and at the finish.  And, secondly, for the KOM Challenge.

Note: The hill climb times are the ONLY times we will make public.  Total ride times and/or other ride times will NOT be posted.  The B2VT is a ride, not a race, except for a couple of little races within the ride!

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Alec Petro 1963-2015

Alec Petro 1963-2015 – Photo Credit: Elaine Debitetto

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